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Analysis and revision of PTC Creo® Parametric models

NEW! The Creo Parametric integrated GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor User

The Creo Parametric integrated user module GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor User enables designers to apply Model Processor’s functionality interactively

during the CAD session to perform a wide range of time-consuming operations automatically.

Own mapkeys with variables and user input

Colorize model

Automatically assign parameter if opened or saved

Change options

Model dependent replacements -> draweing frames, symbols, table

Keep your model data to a uniform standard – CAD working guidelines

accuracy / units / parameters / layers / relations ...

Include new requirements in your master data –batch processing

parameters / material files and their relations / rule based layers / simplified representations ...

Prepare your master data for Windchill deployment – in only a few seconds per part!

create, delete, designate and map parameters / edit values ...

Update all data to your standards – including Creo data from other companies

create parameters / map and edit parameter values

add, edit and delete relations

replace material files

... more than 100 actions available