About Model Processor

What is Model Processor?

Model Processor supports you in processing large amounts of data or complex tasks.

The major task definitions are:


Powerful tool to analyze Creo Parametric data

Powerful tool to overhaul Creo Parametric data

Use in interactive and automated batch processing mode possible.

Program philosophy

  1. Models are overhauled by a steadily increasing number of actions. The tool should relieve the operator of as many tasks as possible.
  2. Operating the individual actions should be as easy and efficient as possible (beginners and advanced users, enhanced filters, ...).
  3. Large data volumes should be overhauled without user intervention "over night".
  4. Logs provide information on Model Processor activities at any time.
  5. Each setting and privilege should be available at any time all over the world (provided that internet is available).

Typical sequence of a model overhaul

Why are these individual steps necessary?